Ryu Intae

Ph.D. Candidate in Cultural Informatics at The Graduate School of Korean Studies(AKS) (2019.08) ryuintae@gmail.com

Bigstamp is named after my name 印泰(Intae).
I'm researching the history and culture of the Joseon era with Digital Humanities(DH) methodologies.
This is where you’ll find information on my past and current research activities, projects
I have been and I am part of, papers and everything else that makes up my starting-to-develop academic identity.


September 2016 - August 2019
August 2016 - December 2017
September 2015 - August 2018


Taking part in the process of launching business.
Participating in developing: Jinju Bus Real Time Information App
Participating in developing: Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival Information App

November 2010 - September 2011


The Graduate School of Korean Studies

Ph.D. Candidate in Cultural Informatics
Cultural Informatics & Digital Humanities

March 2015 - Present

Gyeongsang National University

Master of Literature
Korean-Chinese Literature: East Asian Classics

August 2012 - August 2014

Korea University

Bachelor of Literature
Korean-Chinese Literature: History of Korean-Chinese Literature

March 2002 - August 2009

Jinju Dongmyoung High School

Humanities Course

I was an ordinary student...

March 1998 - February 2001

Research Field

Methodologies & Tools
Area of Study
  • Cultural Informatics: SQL(RDB), No-SQL(Graph DB), Semantic DB, Ontology, XML, Media Wiki
  • Digital Humanities: Digital Archive, Digital Media, Data Analysis, Data Visualization
  • Study of the Joseon Dynasty: Life History, Social History, Cultural History, Intellectual History
  • Korean Classics & Literature: Sino-Korean Prose, Sino-Korean Poetry,